Management assistance for development projects – Fontenay-sous-bois, 2009-2013

The town of Fontenay-sous-Bois, located 4 km east of Paris and to the north of the Val de Marne, concentrates the complex issues of a first-ring suburb: the relationship to the capital, particularly the integration of major transport infrastructure in the fabric of the town, controlling urbanisation in the face of ever-increasing pressure on land use, improving quality of life and so on.

The general development plan is designed so as to ensure consistency across current projects, namely by incorporating them in a process of reflection on the enhancement of public spaces and linking up municipal facilities. Above all, this plan seeks to open up a town that is currently very compartmentalised, constrained by a road network that creates isolated pockets at various scales.

The specifications detailing the development processes for the various projects then carry on these objectives. For example, the challenge of the Péripole project, a project of regional interest for the construction of a major intermodal platform (RER, Metro, tram, Orbival, bus station), as well as a mixed programme of 200,000m², will mitigate the cut-off effect created by the A86 motorway and connect the outlying district of Les Alouettes. The quarry park project will enhance a former quarry site that is ideally located on the slope of the plateau to reveal and qualify a long green channel at the heart of the city, made up of green spaces and facilities around the administrative centre.

The reclamation of the Barbe or Michelet islets will be built up through soft transport links that fit in with the overall landscape. Finally, on the crest of the plateau, the treatment of the Boulevard de Verdun and related operations will seek to unite the two sides of the city, in particular by emphasising spaces for people to meet and socialise.


Accompany the city in its urban, architectural and planning choices working from a general strategy for development and assistance in the implementation of five key projects


Ville de Fontenay-sous-bois


INTERSCENE - Landscape architect & Urbanist
Christine Larousse - Urbanist


5 580 m²

Study Budget

89 000 €


Finished study