Urban Planning & landscaping project management assistance – Saint-Marcel (27) – 2009

Saint-Marcel is a town of 5,000 inhabitants situated on the banks of the Seine in Normandy, presenting the characteristics of a rural town in a strategic area close to the Paris region. It has to deal with an increase in the number of its inhabitants, the necessary restructuring of certain facilities and needs to redevelop its public spaces.

Interscène has been providing project management assistance in the municipal territory for several years now, studying conditions for the implementation and positioning of new urban projects to enhance a long landscaped path running downhill from the village to the Seine. This path reestablishes a link between the historic center, the amenities hub, the residential extensions, the business area and the banks of the Seine. This greenway also determines the residential project in the Petite Garenne  district, the reclassification of the Rue des Près, and the lake housing development around the waterfront brownfields.


Project management assistance for urban planning and landscaping


City of Saint Marcel


INTERSCENE – Thierry Huau - Landscape architect & Urbanist
BIOTOPE - Subcontractor

Study Budget

50 325 € forfait annuel


Current study