Avenue de l’indépendance de Tananarive, Madagascar, 2005-2007

Based on the conclusions of the city of Antananarivo’s Green Plan, the aim of this project is to open up the town centre and to better identify the Avenue de l’Indépendance, both as a showcase asserting the city’s image and identity and as an engine of urban development.

When it was built during the colonial period, Avenue de l’Indépendance already outlined the shape of the new town by opening up a north-westerly perspective towards the station. With it, the economic centre that was formerly located on the heights shifted to former rice paddies that had been filled in.

After falling into neglect for 25 years, the main avenue of the Malagasy capital should again become a major thoroughfare enjoying a modern, generous and open resonance, sized to accommodate large populations, all the while maintaining its structural role.

To return to the avenue to its former glory, the project proposes to put Soarano station, currently disused, at the heart of its preoccupations.

It proposes to extend the avenue along this north-westerly axis, over the site of the former freight station and customs’ warehouses. In this way, the station would position itself in a pivot position between the current avenue and the new extension. The outdated industrial infrastructure would be moved to more functional locations already provided for in the urbanism plan.

This thorough restructuring of the district would be an opportunity to address sanitary issues in an area that is partly occupied by slums. (Poor sanitation, non-existent drainage system, etc.). As in the 30s, it would reorganise the city by creating new neighbourhoods around a large urban park.

By opening up the horizon of the avenue in this way, this project would offer a major axis of development between the historical centre and the rice fields, taking the form of a large urban park faithful to the principles established in the green plan.


Urban restructuring proposal to open up the historic heart of Madagascar’s capital.


Région Ile de France
Communauté Urbaine d'Antananarivo


INTERSCENE - Landscape architect & Urbanist
TERROIR DE DEMAIN – F. Le noble Prédine - Socioeconomic Developpement


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Realized but not finished project