Beijing Olympic Plazza – Pékin (Chine), 2002

In the wake of the 2008 Chinese Olympics, Beijing acquired sports, shopping and recreational facilities. The Beijing Olympic Plaza thus combines offices, hotels, a shopping mall, restaurants, sports grounds, public spaces and landscaped parks.

The aim of the contest was to imagine landscape themes for the mall and the outdoor garden around which the main functions and structures are arranged.

Concerning the mall, an interior passage under a glass arch forms the central axis.

It contains boat rides and presents a variety of landscaped environments (bamboo forest, palm grove, plant walls, forest of tree ferns, willow, birch and aviaries).

The outdoor space, meanwhile, is made up of two lateral axes and a central lawn with tiered levels that descend to the mall below.

A ripple visible from the buildings sends of current of energy through the different levels of the central lawn. Large numbers of deciduous trees and conifers of various types are planted in both directions.

With a canal in the east and waterfall pools in the west, water guides the visitor’s movements.


Design and landscaping of the future Olympic Plaza (sports, shopping and recreational facilities).


Private Client


INTERSCENE – Thierry Huau - Landscape architect & Urbanist
SHCA Architects


46 ha

Global Budget

2,40 millions d'€