Center Parcs – Forêt de Chambaran – Roybon (38), 2008-2014

Located at the foot of the Vercors plateau and at the heart of the Chambaran forest, near Lyon, Grenoble and Switzerland, the Chambaran forest domain has been earmarked to accommodate a new Center Parcs resort.

The challenge of this project is to integrate a large-scale tourism programme while minimising its impact on the site. The landscaping aspect of the project will be based on respecting the topography during the construction of the cottages and roads, and respecting the site’s vegetation while taking into account not only the local tree species but also taking inspiration from plant associations and formations already present. The verges will also be replanted and restored.

The cottages designed by the Gastines agency will be made out of wood, a sustainable and environmentally-friendly material. They will feature fluid, contemporary lines.

The project will integrate the principles of sustainable development at different stages of the design: a «low-impact» building site to limit the consequences of the construction work, green buildings that are certified with the Very High Energy Performance (THPE) and High Environmental Quality (HQE) standards, as well as responsible management based on waste sorting, an emphasis on biodiversity and non-motorised circulation on the site.


Creation of a Center Parcs resort including 1000 cottages and 30,000 m² of leisure facilities.




INTERSCENE – Thierry Huau - Landscape architect & urbanist
Art’Ur (Village center and aqua mundo architect)
Jean De Gastines (cottages architect)
SFP&A (Children farm architect)
BECSI - BET (Cottages)
SFICA - BET (Equipements)

(Étude d'impact)


203 ha


Project in progress