Center Parcs du Domaine des trois forêts – Moselle, 2006-2010

The Center Parcs resort of the Domaine des trois forêts is located close to Nancy, Metz and Strasbourg. In the heart of the forest domain of the Bois des Harcholins, it covers 440 ha, including 3 ha of specially created lakes and rivers.

The operation is organised around a plant and wildlife sanctuary and a tropical aquatic paradise, the Aqua Mundo.

The plant and animal sanctuary: situated in a clearing, it proposes four spaces around the lake with different atmospheres: «Active», «Children», «Relaxation» and «Outside». Under a transparent roof, the Tropical Jungle accentuates the effect of being immersed in an exotic, warm world. Some brand new activities are also available: the «Nature» activity, specially designed for children and which consists of a real animal farm; the «Adventure» activity that lets people enter the sanctuary by boat or horse and get close to the forest wildlife.

The Aqua Mundo: reinvented and unique in Europe, this 5250 m² transparent wave plunges the visitor into three different worlds:
1. The Palm grove with its tropical beach, wave pools and whirlpool bath.
2. The Tropical Jungle with the water playhouse, a huge recreational area featuring water slides, water guns and spouts like waterfalls.
3. The Bamboo forest, a green paradise of thrills with the wild river and high speed slides.

From the outset, the project team sought to preserve the forest plateau by optimising the positioning of the buildings. Some areas are therefore intentionally left inaccessible to visitors so as to promote the development of plant and animal species that are rare in forest sites.

Committed to the principles of sustainable development, the project incorporates a level of environmental performance at each phase of the project: Green Construction Charter, HQE, Effinergie low energy building Certification and agreements signed with local authorities.


Creation of a Center Parcs resort including 840 cottages, recreational facilities and wildlife areas.


Pierre et vacances-CENTER PARCS

Delegated client



INTERSCENE – Thierry Huau - Master planner & Landscape architect
Art’Ur - Architect (aqualudique center)
Agence De Gastines - Architect (Cottages)
SFP&A - Architect (Ferme des enfants)


440 ha