Centre Hospitalier Edouard Toulouse – Marseille (13), 2003-2005

This landscaped project is divided into thematic areas: a country house (bastide) landscape on the hills,, a pine forest landscape on the buffer areas, a village landscape on the lower part structured around squares, small plazas, high and low walls, an edge landscape around the site and finally a sensory and educational landscape along a pedestrian path: the path of the five senses. Each of these areas complements and connects to the others through a pattern of shadow and light, thickets and clearings, ochres and greys, blues and yellows.

A space of this kind offers patients both therapy and recreation. Physical contact with plants, scents and colours has the power to stimulate or illuminate memory. The gardens also promote contact with others and the wonder of an insect gathering nectar in a blossoming flower. A garden is also an opportunity to work with the earth, to participate in harvesting and planting, to channel energies or gather them, taste or smell, to touch and follow the seasons, or quite simply to “be well”.

Although highly degraded, the site presents the characteristics of a large Provençal territory moulded into “restanques” or cultivated terraces, shady groves, pines and cypresses. The landscape design will seek to reveal these qualities while stimulating the patients’ imagination.


Project management mission for the reconfiguration of the E. Toulouse hospital and the construction of two care buildings.


Centre hospitalier E.Toulouse


INTERSCENE – Thierry Huau - Landscape architect
REICHEN & ROBERT - Architects
LTA - Economist
SICC F. MARTIN - Coordinateur SSI
QUALICONSULT - Technical controller


16 000 m²

Landscape Budget

2 333 500 €


Realized Project