Château Sérame – Lézignan-Corbières (11), 2010

The Château Sérame, a famous 580 ha vineyard, is one of the oldest properties in the Languedoc.

This site was formerly used as a camp by Caesar, and the remains of villas built by the Romans were found not far from the current estate. Excavations were conducted in the early twentieth century and the remains discovered attest to the practice of farming and winemaking at the time. It was in 1802 that the castle was built by a powerful Spanish family.

Today the castle overlooks a beautiful park of several hectares in which one can discover a precious although badly damaged heritage: rare tree and plant species, water features, an aqueduct and a chapel.

The project management mission plans for the redevelopment of the castle’s outdoor spaces: terraces, main courtyard and service courtyards, orangery, ponds and swimming pool, gardens, car parks, farm, kitchen garden, orchards and chapel grounds.

The project envisages the creation of several themed gardens, the regeneration of the soil, the installation of a swimming machine, an ornamental pond, a natural swimming pool, walking paths, a vegetable garden and the upgrading of the castle greenhouses.


Landscape project management mission for «Château Sérame» concerning the landscaping design of land around the castle and its grounds (in two phases, including a study phase).




INTERSCENE – Thierry Huau- Landscape architect
J.DE GASTINES - Architect


3,50 ha


Study in progress