Cité lacustre sur les bords de Seine – Saint-Marcel (27), 2010-2011

The town of Saint-Marcel is studying opportunities to develop certain urban projects including the creation of a waterside village on the banks of the Seine. The site earmarked for the project covers 40 hectares and currently contains brownfields of the BATA shoe factories, cultivated land, a small area of individual houses and quality woodland. The project aims to preserve existing paths and individual houses (very typical for their use of red brick), to create gardens and a mooring platform, to ensure the preservation of hedgerows, gardens and the banks of the Seine.

A thorough study of the project plan was required because the site is classified as a floodable area.


Task of designing a waterside village on the banks of the Seine River with mooring, a residential area, amenities and shops


Commune de Saint-Marcel


INTERSCENE - Landscape architect & Urbanist


40 ha


Realized Study