Club de Khouribga – Khouribga, 2011

Located on a plot of approximately 7 acres to the east of the city, the site in question is ringed by primary roads to the north, south and west. Access is consequently very difficult. Currently occupied by a clubhouse and an equestrian club, the aim is to have it accommodate a larger tourist complex comprising accommodation, sports facilities and leisure activities: restaurants, meeting rooms, fitness trail, solarium, educational garden, games for all ages and water features.

Beyond the issue of the quality of access to the site, the project develops the strong concept of the garden in the middle of the city, more commonly known by the name “Garden City”. Indeed, one of the objectives is to use green spaces as structural elements between buildings (and not gardens as “scraps” to be worked into the overall design). For example, a landscaped walk in the vicinity of the clubhouse is proposed as a meandering trail (750m in length) going through the site all around the Activities and

Relaxation area. It connects to the “forest”, the pools of the oases, the plant nursery and the filter basin, and also gives access to various buildings in the relaxation areas.

The site includes a large area of green spaces that will be redesigned and reorganised in line with High Environmental Quality standards. The definition of conceptual choices and the architectural approach will be based on a traditional southern Moroccan architecture taking the local climatic conditions into account. There will be a preference for natural materials such as clay or wood.

A space for recreation and relaxation, the OCP club gets a new look.

We propose to emphasise the outstanding specimens (date palms, pine and cypress mainly) in the existing grounds, which feature a multitude of varieties planted over the years without any real sense of composition, while redefining a strong and refined image.

New moods will be created by groups of pines, cypresses, acacias and other plants setting the project in a dense plant environment while filtering views from the town. Tall palm trees will dominate the heart of the park.

The industrial activity of the OCP Group is expressed through a mineral treatment revealing the substratum of the phosphate plateau and through the insertion of metal (gears/bolts/chains/rails) in the facing, as well as a small trolley on rails recycled into a container for picking vegetables in the Gardeners’ Corner.

The general organisation of the ground plan leaves great freedom for strolling through the large grassy expanses around the pools. A paddling pool and splash-pad area are specially designed for toddlers.

Further on, in the heart of a sandy oasis overgrown with tall grasses, the Children’s Paradise offers a large themed playground, a climbing wall and a gardening corner with the Vegetable Growers’ School.

With sustainability in mind, rainwater is retained temporarily in the green roofs before filtering through a series of draining swales that act as structuring elements for the grounds.

Wastewater is retrieved from buildings, processed and stored in planted natural ponds. A pumping station draws from this great reserve of biodiversity and irrigates the grounds.


Design of a Club project in Khouribga (Morocco)


OCP (Premier groupe industriel marocain)


INTERSCENE – Thierry Huau - Landscape architect
Cabinet ZIYAT - Architect
Cabinet NOGUERA - Consulting architect
OMNIUM Technologique - BET
BET E.A.U. Ingénierie - High Environmental Quality standard consultant
K3L (Kitchen designer)


7 ha

Global Budget

128 717 673 MAD (équivalent à 11,5 millions d'€)