Corsic’ Agropole – San Giuliano (Corse), 2011

Located 40 km from Bastia, the site is at the heart of an agricultural plain. Taking inspiration from Corsic’Agropole’s scientific horticultural activities, we based our project on the construction principles of a working farm and the interplay between different scales: “from the open landscape to the plant cell”.

Christened “Agroparc”, the project will use the planting patterns found in the surrounding orchards. The only difference is that the park will be planted on soil consisting of cavities and slopes, symbolising the great diversity of Corsican landscapes. This impression of waves will be enhanced by the a covering of wild flowers and grasses. Nestled in the hollows of the ground, “cells”, like outdoor mini-labs, will offer visitors samples and insights into agricultural research. Through edutainment activities, they will be able to understand the following mechanisms:
– Plant breeding and hybridisation
– Corsican terroir and soils in a soil study-cell made up of various soil levels and showing the different strata in the land.
– Growth & Research in a cell criss-crossed with cultivated strips.
– Wine & Vine in a vinification cell that will present wine-grape varieties, their treatment, and so on.
– Primitive Agriculture in a cell that will go back in time, from the origins of Corsican agriculture to today.
– The protection of plants in a cell that will introduce visitors to horticultural tables showing the mechanisms of biological control, biotic interactions and plant health.

Magnifying lenses will be suspended above the tables.
Some of these cells will be adjacent to the large bay windows of the research buildings. The purpose here is to create interactions between the two worlds, that of the public and that of the scientists.


Project management mission for the construction of the Corsic’Agropole building and development of a tree park


Assocation Corsic'Agropole


Pierre Grimaldi - Architect (mandataire)
INTERSCENE – Thierry Huau- Landscape Architect & Urbanist
PHYSALID - BET horticole
ISB -BET Structures
BE ATCO - Coordination et Economie de la construction


2,50 ha