Domaine d’Emeraude – Martinique, 2012-2013

The Regional Natural Park of Martinique is putting a lot of care into developing the Domaine d’Emeraude, a sumptuous domain located in Morne Rouge and dominated by Mount Pelée. It has undergone a first phase of work with the commissioning of reception-restaurant-shop, as well as a very beautiful Nature pavilion. The next phase is to enhance the space between the reception pavilion and the Nature pavilion referred to as the “Esplanade” and its surrounding areas, both in terms of landscaping plan and educational activity on site.

The project therefore deals with these two forms of creation. The esplanade is emphasised through the creation of the “Garden of Equilibria” whose plants reflect two main themes: Amerindian agriculture and Creole agriculture. The esplanade thus becomes a form of living exposure to cultural contents as varied as considerations relative to each plant can be: by turns naturalistic, ethnographical, historical, or even attached to beliefs and capable of addressing any field in the sciences. Each plant or group of plants is attributed an illustrated notice standing as a figurehead for each turn in the path.

The scenography and museography as well as interactive and fun cultural mediation regularly participate in this creation full of meaning.


Project management for landscaping of the Domaine d’Emeraude


PNR Martinique


INTERSCENE - Landscape Architect & Urbanist (mandataire)
CREATIME - Scenographer


6 220 m²

Global Budget

1 098 000 € HT (coût prévisionnel du projet)


Current Project