Domaine du Menez-Meur – Hanvec (29), 2011-2012

The project aims to reveal the site while preserving it. Existing elements are reused as much as possible without being altered. Construction is densified at heart of the site to create a hub, an asserted centrality, a bearing and a departure point.
The site is revealed through its discovery. Educational paths, starting from the heart of the site, allow visitors to roam it entirely. The further away they go from the heart, the more the imprint of humans gives way to that of animals and the wilder the landscapes become. These itineraries can be read on two scales. First, within the site, in the discovery of fauna and flora. The second, broader scale sets the estate within the greater landscape through education beacons (small wooden huts).

These three huts or “education beacons” provide information on different themes (landscape and flora, fauna and geology) and mark the starting points of hiking trails. They act as pivotal spaces between the site and the discovery of its landscape.
Different layers reveal Menez Meur at its best :

A functional layer:
– Navigating
– Hiking
– Observing

A second, thematic stratum:
– The landscape and flora
– Wildlife
– Geology


Competition of project management for the development on the «domaine du Menez-Meur» (Hanvec)


Parc Naturel Régional d’Armorique

Delegated client

Société d’Aménagement du Finistère


INTERSCENE – Landscape Architect
CREATIME - Scenographer
ECODIAG - Building diagnostic

Global Budget

3 791 100 € HT