Eco Camping International – Bruges, 2004-2009

To make up for the lack of large scale outdoor accommodation facilities in the Bordeaux suburbs, local authorities took the initiative of proposing a plot that came available in 2004. The site chosen to host the Bordeaux international camping project is located in the town of Bruges, on the shore of Bordeaux Lake, adjacent to the exhibition centre.

The aim of the project was to provide quality accommodation in an alcove of greenery. The lakeside setting of the site was studied so as to allow the conservation of habitat and to provide a natural swimming area. Five pools with a total area of over one hectare were created and are spanned by wooden footbridges and pontoons. They are decorated with reed beds, riprap from local stone and cobblestone using pebbles from the Adour. This green, aquatic environment is also the setting for a business restaurant and leisure facilities (playgrounds, sports grounds).

The preservation of the environment and ecological considerations were fully integrated into the project because the site is set within a designated ecology and wildlife zone (ZNIEFF type 2) and close to the national nature reserve and Natura 2000 site of the «Bruges Marshes».


Project management mission for the construction of the Bruges campsite within a designated ecology and wildlife zone (ZNIEFF).




INTERSCENE - Landscape architect & Urbanist
Atelier DE MARCO – Architect ECCTA (BET)
ECO CAMPS (Ecologist)


13,50 ha

Global Budget

7 000 000 €


Realized Project