Autumn Exhibition at the French Senate – Paris (75), 8-27 septembre 2010

Every September for thirty years, the French Senate has organised an exhibition in the setting of the Luxembourg Gardens Orangerie on a theme related to horticulture, botany or the art of the garden. Indeed, the gardeners and the Conservation des Jardins of the Luxembourg Gardens have always been keen to share their knowledge and expertise and to reveal to the public often overlooked facets of their profession or the plant world. This year, at the initiative of the Conservation des Jardins, the Autumn

Exhibition was on the theme of “Trees, Converging Views”.

Viewed through the prism of scientific research and artistic expression, the tree takes on a new dimension, whether sycamore, chestnut, oak, maple or ash. In total, fourteen tree species are presented, allowing for a varied approach to these plants that are so ubiquitous in our daily lives.
Divided into three sections, the exhibition details the uses or services provided by these singular life forms:

Trees and forest/urban ecosystems
Amidst the relics of a woodland cathedral, a resurgent forest in the bloom of youth recalls its natural resilience and ability to self-repair after the damage caused by recent storms.

Trees and art
3 sculptors and one engraver present works in which they express their sensory relationship to trees.
The artists involved in this adventure were: Jean-François Bertrand, Didier Rousseau, Dan Sprinceana and François Houtin, as well as students from the École Boulle.

Trees and the sciences
The forestry branch of a research lab is a pretext to present the scientific work of researchers from the Ecology, Systematics and Evolution Laboratory at the University Paris-Sud 11, CNRS, AgroParisTech.

Through a video, multimedia demonstrations and lectures, the public learn more about the practices of the scientific world and scientists also answer their questions about how trees will cope with climate change.


Project management for the design of the exhibition, scenography and promotional materials




INTERSCENE – Thierry Huau
(Exhibition curator and designer)


1 000 m²


Realized Project