Golf du Désert de Retz – Chambourcy, 1992

The project was to entirely remodel the landscape of the site covered by the Joyenval golf course, 80 ha of grasslands, woodlands and gardens. A portion of this site, considered as the greatest surviving example of the 18th century romantic garden art, was rehabilitated over an eighteen-month period. Titanic work enabled to reconstruct the course of the river drawn by Monsieur de Monville in the spirit of the work by Girardin, to exhume the remains of the Joyenval abbey while developing a cloistered vegetable garden, to create a garden plot for medicinal plants, to landscape a contemporary plant folie for the clubhouse designed by Chopin de Genvry and to restore the woodlands of the original arboretum on an area of over 60 ha. These works were overseen by a 30-person site committee headed by the France’s chief architect of heritage buildings and the Prefect of the Yvelines. The site, which had been closed by decision of the Minister of Culture, was reopened to the public after the renovation work supervised by Thierry Huau.


Complete landscape remodelling of the Désert de Retz golf course.


Société foncière de Joyenval


INTERSCENE – Thierry Huau- Landscape architect
Robert Trent-Jones - Golf courses architect


80 ha


Realized Project