Saint-Pierre Botanical Garden – Saint-Pierre (Martinique), 2012-2013

The project to redevelop the Saint Pierre plant nursery (jardin d’acclimitation) stems from a strong determination to emphasise local memory.
The history of the place, its uses and its representations are so many integral elements to the project, as well as the purely physical characteristics of the setting itself, as a space charged with symbolism.
Our approach starts from a curiosity about these elements, through keen observation and the systematic analysis of these “cultural crumbs” that envelop and inhabit the site.
In this sense, the project comes across as a truly shared work being built over time and with the local population in a careful process of consultation.

The project to redevelop the former Saint Pierre nursery is expressed in the desire to forge a common work bearing the identity of Grand Saint Pierre into the future.
The garden reveals facets of awakening pieces of cultures that create a contemporary garden embodying all possible developments in relation to the whole city.
An ambition that is affirmed in the vision of a garden revisited in an utterly contemporary style as a tool for generating awareness and cultural and economic development.


Project management for landscaping design of former Saint Pierre plant nursery
Winner of 2013 competition


pnr Martinique


INTERSCENE - Thierry Huau - Landscape Architect & Urbanist


7 ha

Global Budget

1 341 570 € HT (coût prévisionnel du projet)


Current Project