Garden of the Cognac-Jay Foundation – Rueil Malmaison, 1995 & suivi annuel

The project is based on mixing generations around a landscaped area: the garden of the Cognac-Jay Foundation. This space of relaxation and escape is a «paradise for the five senses» depending on whether the visitor comes through the «garden of taste», the «white garden» or the «fragrance garden». Boasting an orchard, a 2 ha vegetable garden and an arboretum of fruit trees and perennials, this exceptional site welcomes visitors aged 7 to 77. A rare commission in the great tradition of the gardens created by the Foundation over the last 100 years.


Design and landscaping of a garden for the Cognac-Jay Foundation.


Fondation Cognacq-Jay (Etablissement de solidarité sociale)


INTERSCENE Thierry HUAU - Landscape architect


2 ha

Global Budget

762 245 €


Realized Project