Gardens of the Roman baths – Beyrouth (Liban), 1997

The memory of the site of the Roman Baths in Beirut adds meaning to an urban fabric that is not only ravaged by seventeen years of hostilities but which was also particularly distressed before the war by a concrete frenzy.

The team was asked to restore this site’s prestigious vegetation. The choice of species was determined on the basis of plants that used to be part of life in the Roman baths in the form of soaps, perfumes, and so on.


Reclamation and site development of the Roman Baths in Beirut.




INTERSCENE – Thierry Huau - Urbanist & Landscape architect
Sous-traitants : TERROIR DE DEMAIN F. Lenoble Prédine - Ethnobotanist


5 000 m²

Global Budget

600 000 USD


Realized Project