The passion for plants

The passion for plants is fostered as much by pure botany and scientific knowledge as by observations garnered down through many years of wandering and travel. The naturalist’s eye is an eye open to the wide world.

A plant is the embodiment of a climate, a history and a territorial identity.

It is the specific ability of plants and gardens to create an environment that is removed from the world. Climatic constraints regulate the order of things and structure the garden. It then becomes an obsession to adapt a temperature so as to be able to gather the fruit and flowers of a plant. The most extreme climates have produced magnificent gardens. When one analyses a Persian or Oriental garden, one notices that it is made up of a succession of partitions or screens formed of plants and that function as climate gateways or “airlocks” leading the visitor from a hostile environment to a quality environment of wellbeing. The trick is in having the right number of gateways and the harder the climate, the higher this number. This climatic constraint becomes art when one makes these successive gateways the very principle of the garden. Water itself becomes an element of composition to help cool the atmosphere and to create this amazing music one finds in the gardens of paradise.