Heritage preservation

A territory is to be respected.

Intellectual curiosity is one of the landscape designer’s two mainstays, the other being his knowledge of plant life. It does not seem conceivable to come to terms with a subject, with a commission, without first fully taking in the concerned terrain. And this applies at all levels.

Where are we and why this terrain?

Where does it come from, what is and was its story, who has walked it over the centuries, and what use was it put to?

So many questions that guide the mental process that presides over the approach to any new site.

It is not about “looking back” out of pure nostalgia or a desire to restore a lost or mythical past. No, it is about immersing oneself in the very essence of the place, with respect, taking the necessary time and referring to good works. With respect, for turning up on a site with a ready-made canvas is a deceit, and the limitations of such an approach have been demonstrated many times over.