Volcano Park – Île de la Réunion – 2002

On a 50 ha site, located on the Route du Piton de la Fournaise, this commission was to create a park that includes a paying area with attractions, a hotel village, parking areas, a public promenade and a large area for picnicking, a favourite occupation of the island’s inhabitants.

The development approach was to preserve natural sanctuaries for their scenic qualities and to use other areas that were more used or were damaged by successive storms to construct the various programme components. Thus, natural barricades (merlons) covered in tree heath and highland tamarins presenting a unique landscaping environment are preserved. The whole upper part of the site, very much a landscape of mountain valleys, meadows, rocky outcrops and heather-covered plateaux, contains shelters for picnic areas. The rest of the programme is located on threshold between the lowlands and the high plains. The main reception is positioned at the foot of a recreated rocky cliff. Visitors enter the volcano park through a tunnel dug into the rock, themed so that the impression of entering a volcanic gallery is totally convincing.

This passage leads to the extended main vent of the volcano, the site’s central distribution point.

The park’s attractions are more than just games: they are treated according to themes taken from Creole culture, volcanism or climatology (hurricanes). Temporary attractions brighten up the various open areas on the site.

The hotel part of the site is part of a differentiated perimeter, away from the main park, as well as the natural areas containing the picnic spots.


Competition for the development of a public park with a promenade and large open picnic spaces combined with an amusement park and a hotel village.


Mairie du TAMPON


INTERSCENE – Thierry Huau- Landscape architect & Urbanist
Jean PIHOUEE-Architecte
GREVIN développement- Tourist and financial engineering.
Marc DUMAS - Light designer


50 ha

Global Budget

8 000 000 €