Project «Botanics gardens of the Hanoi Museum» – Hanoï (Vietnam), 2011

An oasis of plants drawn from the different landscapes and climates of Vietnam, the museum garden will be a place to study and research botany while creating an aesthetic setting for the general public. Through a succession of themed gardens, it will provide services to maintain biodiversity and will contribute to the environmental conservation of species and the recognition of the exceptional local flora.

1. The gardens of plant biodiversity: a recreated ecosystems,  the butterfly house, star plants, the arboretum itinerary, the discoverers’ itinerary

2. The gardens of useful and food plants: a lakeside bamboo grove, an around the world tour of the origins of fruit in Vietnam, a floating market for tasting fruit on a sampan, the traditional boat of the Mekong Delta, a spice greenhouse,    cooking with flowers, local pharmacopoeia explained to families, large industrial plants, paddy fields

3. Unusual gardens : the origin of plants from 400 million years ago to today, focus on Cycas, the Mekong mangrove house, the extreme climates of Vietnam greenhouse, bonsai collection and rock garden

4. The gardens of Eden: Claude Monet’s water garden and water lilies, a decorative greenhouse presenting the Victoria amazonica, the star of flowers: the Lotus,  Vietnam blossoms.


Design and landscaping of a garden for the Hanoi Museum


Hanoï Museum


INTERSCENE – Thierry Huau - Landscape designer


10 ha