Horticulture school – Romans (Rhône-Alpes), 1998

The redevelopment of the Horticulture School in Romans, near Valènce in the Isère department, had to combine a living environment for students and an educational facility whose role is to represent all forest biotopes. This pilot operation was carried out with the participation of the students for some of the constructions and planting and was the subject of an educational exhibition at the Cité des Sciences de la Villette (Paris). The development of these green spaces over four hectares and the work around the school buildings, on lighting and irrigation, was based on the following themes: aromatic trail, calcicole grassland, scrub, hillside, sessile oak forest, pine, oak, mountain hay meadow, mountain meadow, wet heath, flood meadow, pond, inner courtyard, dry sand and gravel, tall forb vegetation, torrent, subalpine grass, rhododendron heath, scree, shore grass, calcareous and acidic rock.


Prize-winning project for the landscaping design of a new horticultural school and the Drôme arboretum: design and supervision of surroundings.


Conseil régional Rhône-Alpes


INTERSCENE – Thierry Huau - Urbanist & Landscape architect (Mandataire)
François GAUTHIER - Architect


40 000 m²

Global Budget

2 286 735 €


Realized Project