Magnanerie – Bsous (Liban), 1999

In the 16th century, silk was one of the most important products of the Principality of Fakhr al-Din (1572-1635) in Lebanon, from where it was exported to Europe. Silk was consequently the main driving force behind the growth of the ports of Beirut and Bursa. Today, the only magnanery still in use in the province of Beirut is the one in Bsous.

This magnanery still retains its historic identity through the preservation of its functions (it houses the silk museum).

The project was founded on the desire to create a natural, plant-based and magnified setting for this property that is flooded with sunshine almost all year round. With this in mind, we created trails to rediscover space, rough stone stairs to facilitate transition from one terrace to another, plant compositions with local species and refreshing water sources in the purest Mediterranean ornamental tradition.


Planning, study and design mission for the landscaping of the former Bsous magnanery and its transformation into a cultural centre.


M. et Mme Georges ASSEILY (propriétaires)


INTERSCENE – Thierry Huau- Landscape architect
TERROIRS DE DEMAIN F. Lenoble Prédine - ethnobotanist


4 ha


Realized Project