Orx Marshes – Orx-Labenne (40), 2011-2012

The landscaping and development plan for the Orx Marshes is part of a comprehensive approach to the management of the site, covering environmental management and conservation as well as public facilities and educational and communication activities relating to the site.

The overriding idea for the plan is to have as little imprint as possible on the site whether from a landscape point of view (visual impact of the development) or an environmental point of view (mineralisation of soils, damage to existing ecosystems, heavy foundation work, etc.). With this in mind, the proposed development should be reversible and cause minimal change, starting with a site with very low environmental impact. In the framework of the project, certain options have been explored as we have reflected on notions of camouflage, observation and pathways in order to cater for user comfort, all the while respecting the vulnerability of the setting and the tranquillity required for the nesting birds. We have come up with two types of response: a plant-based response in order to conceal visitors on large straight lines, and a “constructed” response through a series of observation posts.


Restricted competition for project management - landscaping and development plan of the Orx Marshes


Syndicat Mixte de Gestion des Milieux Naturels Landais (SMGMN)


Art’Ur - Architect (mandataire)
INTERSCENE - Thierry Huau - Landscape architect & Urbanist
FABIEN CHARLOT - Landscape architect
CREATIME - Scenographer BIOTOPE - Ecologue
IGC - BET Structure
CLIMELEC - BET Thermicien


1 000 ha

Global Budget

2 746 466 € HT


Current project