Mouawad Village – Beyrouth (Liban), 1999

The landscaping of Mouawad Village went hand in hand with the creation of a 6 hectare tourist village containing 4 luxury buildings set in lush greenery. The planning of this operation recreated the typical atmosphere of Mediterranean neighbourhoods and their labyrinthine souks. Fountains, ponds and pools add a touch of freshness. While Aleppo pine and jacaranda were the tree species structuring the project, the entire Mediterranean plant range was used to characterise the site.

Thus, we find a garden with hydrangeas, rhododendrons and scrubland plateaux forming a ring of green around the site. On the upper floors, under finely wrought pergolas, the “hanging gardens of Babylon» spread out. By accentuating the verticality of the vegetation, the size of the buildings seems to sit more comfortably. The poetry of an alcove of greenery elevated in the sky is a reward, and also a return to what is right and proper: in its way, nature takes back the ground that was stolen from it. Finally, the fine detail of the patterns combines marble with cobbling in precious materials.


Landscaping a prime tourist resort on the heights of Broumanah


Robert Mouawad


INTERSCENE – Thierry Huau- Landscape architect & urbanist
A. A. A. Architects


6 ha

Global Budget

12 millions USD


Realized Project