Oasis Eco Resort – Chrifia, 2009-2012

The construction of this ecotourism complex on the site of Chrifia in Marrakech is a first for Morocco. The innovative concept promoted by its investors is resolutely environmental, integrating a sustainable conceptual and constructive approach: ecology of the project, choice of materials and local know-how, appropriate plant selection, optimisation of water resources and so on.

The landscaping component has been chosen to highlight the extraordinary wealth of the great landscapes of southern Morocco, while taking account of local garden and plant designs. Essentially, it covers the development of areas around homes and access streets, private and public gardens, the surrounding areas of amenities and the landscaping of the Aqualudique Centre. Three plant entities are distinguished:

The oasis: it will benefit from the presence of the former Oued below to accentuate the site. The «Aquatic Paradise» area (4 ha of aquatic activities) takes inspiration from the great diversity in the landscape of the Atlas valleys: gorges, cliffs, waterfalls, arid peaks and farms in the valley bottoms. The bather in the Aquatic Paradise journeys into the heart of these local atmospheres. The main pool is an ecological oasis that is completely integrated into the site.

The orchards: they occupy the land between the Oasis and the pleasure gardens. Made up of regularly planted and virtuous trees, they accompany the comings and goings of the visitor, limit slope erosion and determine the planning of residential construction. They come in various kinds: vegetable gardens, dyers’ gardens and farm gardens.

The pleasure gardens: deploying liberally between buildings, streets and souks, they provide areas of shade, a green decor and oriental scents that immerse the visitor in a world of flowers and tranquillity.
Well before the construction phase, an extensive programme of cultivation contracts and the installation of a temporary nursery were put in place in order to ensure the availability of plants. This approach also enables to cultivate rare native plants that are otherwise impossible to acquire.


Urban and landscape design project management mission for the construction of an «Eco-Resort»




INTERSCENE – Thierry Huau - Landscape architect & urbanist
DGA/ Pierre DIENER et Fouad BEQQALI - Architects


47 ha

Global Budget

11 105 000 €


Project in progress