Futuroscope Park – Poitiers (86), 2011

The Futuroscope Park wishes to upgrade its outdoor areas to promote a new vision of the Park. Between the attractions, the visitor paths are to be enriched with new atmospheres (pre-shows) that blend naturally into the park.

The visitor progresses through a designed, interactive environment that provides a more complete immersion in the imaginary world of the theme park.

Several key locations have been identified: squares or small plazas located at crossroads, open spaces to the rear or side of the pavilions that don’t have a particular identity and may be adapted for use as recreational areas. These new designs are based on the values conveyed by the Park: the world of nature and the world of imagination.
Several themes will be applied in the landscape design of the outdoor areas:

– The archives of the Earth, based on ice theaters and icebergs, linking the past and the future of the Earth.

– The cosmos, devoted to the strange properties of the universe: the curved universe, the relativity of time, void, dark matter, black holes, etc.

– The evocation of the oceans is emphasized around the large blue pools of the park.

– The terrestrial planet, where the most important woodlands in the park are located.

– The Imaginary world, through a dream forest that extends the terrestrial planet.


Competition for the valuation of the outer spaces of the Futuroscope


Société du Parc du Futuroscope


INTERSCENE – Thierry Huau - Landscape Architect & Urbanist
CREATIME - F.Ravatin, scenograph


18 ha

Global Budget

9,50 millions d'€