Terra Botanica Park – Angers (49), 1999-2010

With its 11 hectares of landscape designs spread out over 60 thematic, educational or recreational gardens woven around a wide range of reception, activity and operational buildings, Terra Botanica is the showcase for the Anjou region’s horticultural industry and identity. The park is organised on the basis of a new and innovative concept orchestrated by Thierry HUAU around 60,000 m² of gardens, 25,000 m² of water, 15,000 m² of paths and 10,000 m² of greenhouses and buildings. TERRA BOTANICA leads us into a land of discovery.

By immersing the visitor in an anthology of gardens with its itineraries, interpretative guides, playgrounds and observation points in the form and spirit of «paradise gardens» full of flavours, fragrances and images.

By drawing on very different registers, like an open-air «novel» combining outdoor adventures, voyages, change of place and scale, symbolic and founding myths of our civilization.

By following new ways of thinking and pathways that borrow modes of transport from festivals: festivals on water and in the air, maze and mirrors, hallways of light and sound.

By stimulating visitors’ imaginations during their adventures, by giving them the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the famous traveller-botanists and adventurers to unknown lands, but also those of the breeders and gardeners, or to embark on their own adventures. By being at the same time entertaining and educational, and using both a scientific and a poetic discourse.

TERRA BOTANICA is the unique synthesis of garden art where the art of creating surprises and discoveries combines with that of the composing of the decor, the staging of the living world, in four phases: The Desired, The Generous, The Mysterious, The Strange.


Creation of a fun and educationnal landscaped park on the theme of plants to promote the horticultural industry of the Anjou region




INTERSCENE – Thierry Huau Designer of the park, mater planner, scenographer, landscape architect and Art director
COTEBA - Technical studies (project manager)
Agence Jean De gastines – Architect
Kaurenbaum – Architect
JL Marin – Architect
CREATIME - Scenographer
TERROIR DE DEMAIN - programmation


15 ha

Global Budget

85 000 000 €