Zoological and Botanical Park – Trégomeur (Côtes d’Armor), 2005-2008

Nestled in a valley through which the river Ic flows and located 12 kilometres from St. Brieuc, the site of Trégomeur has contained a zoo since the 1960s. Containing about 150 animal species and welcoming over 50,000 visitors a year, for 20 years Trégomeur zoo has been one of the main tourist amenities of the Côtes d’Armor. When it was threatened with closure in the early 2000s, the Departmental Council decided to upgrade and modernise it. The challenge was to optimise an incredibly low budget for this remarkable tool of local and departmental tourist development.

The project provided for the rehabilitation and expansion of existing facilities as well as improving access to the park (the site has a strong slope of 70 metres). The restructuring work and the management of the rehabilitation operations were based on the concept of a wildlife botanical garden. The question of water was at the heart of the design because a listed river runs through the zoo, the Ic.

A parallel network was created so as to avoid contact between pollution generated by park activities and the Ic. Regarding visitors, the aim was to increase capacity by incorporating new buildings (a reception building, restaurant, mechanical rooms) and by pathways to be constructed. The animals’ quality of life would then be improved by creating more adapted and secure enclosures, and by the creation of new ponds.

The development of the site required the planting of 22,000 trees. Substantive work on the animal scenography and environment (feeding, description of their lives) was carried out. For the sake of maintaining consistency with the plant life already on site, the animal assortment was selected from Asia.


Major restructuring and reorganisation of Trégomeur Zoo


Conseil Général des Côtes d’Armor, Direction du Développement Économique et de l’Emploi


INTERSCENE - Thierry HUAU - Landscape architect Master Planner, scenographer (mandataire)


24 ha

Global Budget

7 000 000 €