Place de l’Aviation – Angers-Avrillé, 2009-2011

The Place de l’Aviation is located on the axis of Avenue Pierre Mendès-France between Avrillé and Angers: a particular place at the point of entry to the two towns whose development must be carefully considered. With the objective of framing the Place and at the same time reducing the monumental aspect of the MATP building, the former flying school, we sought to separate the intersection spatially while favouring the axes of the Avenue Pierre Mendès-France and the Interquartiers/Champ des Martyrs road. Traffic flow is preserved as a result.

The intersection remains dedicated to traffic and the Place in front of the MATP building will be pedestrian-only. This spatial separation is also reflected in the surface treatments. The rows of trees on the avenue and Interquartiers road will continue through to the Place de l’Aviation. Grasses and perennials will be planted between the trees.

Two low walls that once supported a fence around the flying school will circle flowerbeds in front of the MATP, supplemented by trimmed low hedges. Strips of lawn and flowers will draw out the shape of aviation flowerbeds – the symbol of air pilots.


Prize-winning project for the design and redevelopment of the Place de l’Aviation and the Chemin du Champ des Martyrs intersection




INTERSCENE - Thierry Huau - Urbanist & Landscape architect (Mandataire)
KORENBAUM - Architect


6 960 m²

Global Budget

1 750 295 €


Project in progress