Squares and small plazas – Saint-Pierre (Martinique), 2013

The three selected sites of the church, town hall and old theatre forecourts give us the opportunity to explore an original and rare approach to three landmarks.

Three iconic sites variously charged with emotion and meaning.

Three sites that call for the use of stone.

Three sites on which the core values of city and civic life intersect, complement each other and disseminate.

Three sites constructed and reconstructed at different ages and stages (ruin, construction, renovation).

Three sites that engage our senses and call for specific solutions but constitute a coherent network within the city that is easily understood by the users and actors of the city as well as by occasional visitors.

This study of the church, town hall and old theatre forecourts in Saint-Pierre is part of the regional territorial development project titled “Saint-Pierre regional tourism zone”. The key challenge of this project is to restore Martinique’s cultural and economic balance while highlighting and bolstering the attractiveness of the north of the island.

The proposal presented here springs from the extraordinary energy that the Martiniquais territory transmits. An energy that comes from the climate, the exuberant vegetation and the biodiversity that abounds in it, from the power of the hilly terrain, but also from the emotional power of the site’s history and the métis origins of its inhabitants.

These developments will provide fertile ground for the metaphor of the creative power of the Martiniquais people. Here, in this green setting, we are reminded of a people’s ability to overcome adversity.

To respond to this mission for the development of these plazas and squares, our proposals have more to do with the principles of “land-art” than with floral decoration.


Framework agreement – project management for landscaping of squares in front of church, town hall and former theatre.


PNR de la Martinique


INTERSCENE - Landscape Architect & Urbanist (mandataire)
CREATIME - scénographie, ingénierie culturelle

Global Budget

141 570 €


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