Beirut Green plan – Liban, 2000

Entitled ‘an original and innate legitimacy, a space for the people of Beirut’, this Green Plan’s ambition is to reinvent the heritage  of the city of Beirut, making it a generator of images and identity in order to cope with the challenge of globalisation. Two elements form the basis of this policy of rehabilitating the city of Beirut, enabling it to find a place or even an identity in the face of national and global networks : history and geography.

The green plan aims to improve the living conditions of city users by providing them with a multifunctional space. It also has the ambition of ‘re-naturalising’ the city, drawing resources from various urban explorations, location photographs, historical research (old postcards), and geographical landmarks . For example, the old demarcation line will become a major green corridor, thereby contributing to the renewal of the Bois des Pins, Beirut’s green lung and an emblematic site located on the demarcation line. Other examples include a landscaped trail that will connect the gates of the city, with the ring road becoming the backbone of the landscaping project, planting along urban trails, and more. The green plan must guide the municipality’s actions in relation to all the city’s development projects.


Green Plan design for the city of Beirut, a tool for the embellishment and development of the capital


Région Ile-de-France dans le cadre de la coopération décentralisée


INTERSCENE - Thierry Huau - Landscape architect & Urbanist

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