Domaine d’Estripault Natural Park – Martinique, 2011-2012

The Domaine d’Estripault extends over 22 ha in the heart of the forested area of northern Martinique. Its central geographic position at the intersection of the two major highways of Fort de France/Grand Rivière and Saint Pierre/Trinité, facing the emblematic presence of Mount Pelée, and the many strengths specific to the site, make it well suited to the development of a cultural and tourist amenity on the scale of the territory of Martinique.

To accompany the new Nature House, a 300 m² museum space, the Martinique Regional Natural Park is development of the rainforest and the extension of the museum space in the natural environment. The aim is also to identify and enhance the specific forest patrimony and the open space of the “esplanade” (the entrance to the domain that includes a plant nursery), as well as to develop a technical program and analyze its financial feasibility.

On the Esplanade space, a living exhibition is organized around two main themes: the Amerindian world and the Creole world, through the creation of a garden. The slope of the Esplanade site is highlighted in the project by increasing plant height and their different natures. Thus the visitor positioned at the highest point has an overview of the entire garden. The existing nursery is reworked and expanded on the theme of “plants today”.

For the Forest space, the following features are planned:

Panoramic, balcony-style, viewing platforms, in the manner of “treetop observatories”, balanced between two ridgelines.

The implementation of a suspension bridge over a ravine plunging into the forest, providing access to platforms to view wildlife and flora.

Two itineraries have been outlined: the red path and the shorter yellow path. Both are punctuated by “scenic spots” in certain key locations:

The “mirror ball” which allows visitors to view the tree canopy using a hemispherical stainless steel mirror equipped with sounds.

The “sights” to spot objects of curiosity.

Several information and discovery booths (on the theme of the earth, light and shadow, lianas, epiphytes, silence, selaginella, etc.) inviting visitors to sit down to contemplate and listen (equipped with sounds).


Landscape design of the Domaine d’Estripault (Regional Natural Park in Martinique): Project definition study for tourist facilities as well as activity, study and training areas


PNR de la Martinique


CREATIME, Scenograph (Mandataire)
INTERSCENE – Thierry Huau - Landscape Architect


30 ha

Study Budget

50 000


Current study