Prairie de la Rencontre – Laffrey, 2009

The village of Laffrey is located in the southeast of the Isère department, 25 km south of Grenoble. It is famous today because in 1815 it was the setting of the encounter between Napoleon, returning from Elba, and the royal troops sent to arrest him. The latter were incapable of arresting their Emperor and Napoleon was thus able to return in triumph to Paris. The site of the «Prairie de la Rencontre» owes its name to this illustrious episode, immortalised by a statue of Napoleon built facing Lake Laffrey.

Although a prestigious site, today it is poorly developed and lacks legibility: it is surrounded by tourist and municipal facilities (camping, abandoned hotel, car parks, tree top walks, etc.) that prevent it from thriving. To restore the Prairie de la Rencontre’s heritage and historical dimension, many amenities are included in the project: walking itineraries, picnic area, creation of a belvedere, scenographic fittings and so on.

The commission was based on the desire to:

Mark and enhance the site with landscaping design
Forge a link with the lakeshore, in a spirit of development that is controlled and highly integrated with its environment.


Landscape design of the Domaine d’Estripault (Regional Natural Park in Martinique): Project definition study for tourist facilities as well as activity, study and training areas


Conseil Général de l'Isère


INTERSCENE – Thierry Huau - Landscape architect & Urbanist
CREATIM - Scenographer


5 000 m²