Esplanade of the «Grands moulins» – Paris Seine Rive Gauche District – 2004-2007

After the 1995 consultation, the city decided to establish the University of Paris Diderot on the site of Masséna Nord. It was decided at this time to retain the Flour Hall building to accommodate the lecture halls. On this occasion, some urban options were reconsidered and the City also expressed the wish that the surface area dedicated to green spaces be increased.

By doing away with certain streets, a surface of about 2 hectares is freed at the centre of the area including a plaza 40m wide by 150m long, between the university buildings.

This plaza, supplemented by three other gardens, including a 8000 m² central park, restores considerable importance to the descent towards the Seine.

The landscaping treatment of this axis favours high legibility so as to give coherence to this sequence of spaces, which, from the Avenue de France up to the Seine, pass through varied settings.


Following the overall design of the Masséna area: elaboration of the specifications of the competition for three gardens and project management mission for the «Esplanade des Grands Moulins».


Ville de Paris

Delegated client



INTERSCENE – Thierry Huau - Urbanist & Landscape architect


3,40 ha


57 097 €


Realized project