Redevelopment of a holiday village – Moliets (Landes), 2005

The purpose of this rehabilitation of a holiday village that has existed for thirty years on the Landes coast was to increase the surface of the apartments while upgrading them and renovating their surroundings. The aim was to protect the vast majority of existing plants while integrating leisure facilities and new reception buildings into the site.

Concerning the project: the central passage is maintained but surface modifications are made to break the linear aspect of this axis. Overall, materials were chosen for warmth: decorative concrete, sand-stamped concrete and wooden decking. The landscape treatment is based on maritime pines, hedges and existing oaks. Some trees were lopped to open the space onto the golf course landscape. Mixtures of scrubland plants (lavender, rock roses, rosemary, etc.) and associations of grasses and gaura in large quantities create a wild meadow effect and adapt well to the sandy and acidic substrate, as well as to the drought conditions in summer.

To improve the quality of water resources, captured near a layer of hardpan, iron-removing stations were installed between the wells and the irrigation system.

The existing amphitheatre was poorly functional and so was increased to 700 seats and fitted with a sound system, a backstage area and wings


Redevelopment of the Pierre & Vacances holiday village in Moliets.




INTERSCENE – Thierry Huau - Landscape architect & Urbanist


16 ha


Realized Project