Conversion of a hospital – Les Sables d’Olonne (85), 2011

Situated in the Vendée, on the Côte de Lumière (Coast of Light), the town of Sables d’Olonne is a popular seaside resort. The “Côte de Lumière” Hospital, which is the subject of the conversion project, is located in an area considered to be “residential-tourist”. It is situated not only in the city centre but also near the seaside. The challenge of the project is how to redefine a site that today is quite mineral, old and partly in a brownfield state. This is a district of the town that strongly needs to be renewed so as to contribute to the overall enhancement of Sables d’Olonne, along with ongoing or proposed operations (redefinition of the embankment, re-landscaping of certain public spaces and so on.)

One can see that while the overall composition of the historical hospital remains visible – the courtyard, the administrative building, the entrance pavilions – it has gradually been degraded by the addition of adjacent buildings that make it less clearly defined. Furthermore, the new hospital buildings were built without an urban design plan, resulting in the overall picture of deterioration today.

Our proposal is based on:

– A landscaping project broken down into two atmospheres evoking two historic approaches to landscaping: classical rigor, a legacy of a preserved architectural heritage, composed in the perspective of the Charbonnier square, and a more flexible and wilder landscape, shaped slightly by the crest of the dunes on which it is built and evoking the original dune landscape.
– the creation of a system of wide, landscaped roads allowing access to buildings, and car-free paths
– pedestrian trails, bike paths – winding through the landscape
– the conservation and enhancement of certain heritage features well-known to locals: the courtyard but also the hospital’s central administrative building with its unique architecture (turrets, roof features) and the two entrance pavilions that frame the landscape.


Prize-winnig project for the conversion of a hospital «Côtes de Lumière» in mixed district containing approximately 450 housing, public equipments and landscaped park


Crédit Foncier Immobilier


GIBOIRE/OCDL (mandataire)
INTERSCENE - Thierry Huau - landscape architect & Urbanist
Patrick JOLY - Architect


6 ha


Current Project