Redevelopment of a Napoleonic Barracks – Vernon, 2005-2013

The restructuring of a brownfield such as the Fieschi barracks in Vernon offers the city exceptional opportunities for development. This former military zone, whose surface is equivalent to that of the city centre, forms a crossroads between several major axes, of historical and geographical influence: the RN 15 national trunk road, the railway lines, Bizy avenue and the Seine.

In a context that is both rich and restricted in, the aim of the project is to turn the future Fieschi district towards the Seine and open it up to the nearby centre of Vernon. It structures the landscape of Vernon by restoring landmarks, articulated around a unifying axis overriding the entire composition. Amenities (the Capuchin school and convent) and shops punctuate the central promenade of the Ramblas, the neighbourhood’s major thoroughfare.

Taking into account the conservation of a number of barracks buildings (the military headquarters, the parade yard constructions, part of the Capuchin convent), the urbanism project is fully in keeping with the history of the classical park systems that founded urban landscaping.

Wide avenues, structuring trees, harmony of perspectives, squares, plots serving as green rooms, pools, fountains and changes in altitude create the spirit of the place and layout of the space.

In parallel, many variations accompany and reinforce the system: free or natural gardens, Anglo-Norman or enclosed Norman gardens enhance the roads and neighbourhoods and contribute to the diversity of the district.


Upgrading of an abandoned military site into a residential neighbourhood with shops and public gardens.
- Architecture, landscaping and urban master plan mission.
- Project management for the development of the first tranche of works


Communauté d’agglomération des Portes de l’Eure (CAPE)

Delegated client

Eure Aménagement Développement : EAD


INTERSCENE - Thierry Huau - Landscape Architect & Urbanist - Master Planner
ARCHICOP - Architect, Urbanist


20 ha