Requalification of Touques Peninsula – Deauville, 2004-2007

The station, a genuine bridgehead for the development of Deauville, was constructed on a former sandbar surrounded by the meandering Toucques river. Opposite the station, the «Touques peninsula», a space between the tidal basin and the river, was at the time occupied by factories specialised in processing coal and wood imported from England and the countries of the North.

Deauville was therefore not designed as a simple beach town featuring all the amenities of a luxury resort, but as a real city, with its port and railway infrastructure that were used for industrial and commercial activities. The site later fell into disuse until the municipality decided to reclaim it to transform it into a vibrant, lively neighbourhood all year long, in response to the city’s new needs. The development of this draft project for a mixed development zone (ZAC) takes stock of the site’s setting between river and ocean, which marks the entrance to the station, as well as its unique position as an interface to the neighbouring historic resort of Trouville.

The district, which combines housing, tourist facilities, shops, offices and a higher education centre, is spread over the peninsula, the length of a walkway along the Touques. It is rooted in the location’s maritime history; a transversal axis marks the perspective between the tidal basin and the Touques and we sought to implement this principle of transversality on the entire site, from the public spaces to the wooded enclosures in the interior. For easier identification, the entry points of the neighbourhood are identified and qualified.

The promenade space on the banks of the Touques is characterised by seaside, port and natural atmospheres and incorporates a soft transport circuit.


Urban study for the redevelopment of a former port brownfield transformed into a waterfront promenade


Commune de DEAUVILLE


INTERSCENE – Thierry Huau - Landscape architect & urbanist
XAVIER BOHL – Architect


8 ha

Study Budget

202 125 €