Oyster Road – Marennes, 2004

The «oyster road « is a roughly 1.5 km itinerary in the town of Marennes in Charente-Maritime.

The establishment of this discovery road in the Coulonges marsh focuses on the transformation and adaptation of the marsh for oyster farming. The site, which is subject to the influx of tidal salt, is one of the factors that has given Marennes oysters and “AOC” status.

The project draws on human and landscape heritage: the oyster farmers’ know-how, from farming in the oyster beds to refining in basins, the vegetation of the mud flats or the use of slate.

The project is divided into four areas illustrating four themes:

The site of the slaughterhouses or «history of the territory»: the discovery of a renovated oyster bed and an educational farm.

The Métrau site or «flavours and territories»: centred on the oyster farmers’ tools and the techniques for refining the “claire» oysters.

The Marsh walk marked out by the different environments including the mud flats (wet and salty) and the salt marsh (dry and suited to the growth of salicornia).

The Tafforet site or «oysters at the movies»: a playful multimedia tour to understand the different species of oysters.


Competition for the landscape and scenographic design of a scenic route on the theme of the Marennes oyster.




INTERSCENE – Thierry Huau - Landscape architect & urbanist
J.DE GASTINES - Architect
Bruno SOURD - Architect
X. de RICHEMONT - Scenographer
TERROIRS DE DEMAIN - F. Lenoble Prédine - Ethnobotanist
SODEREF - Alain Bellec - BET