Saïdia, Life center – Saïdia, 2012-2013

The Saidia resort is upgraded with a much more sensitive and natural approach that will take root in the Life Centre and extend throughout the resort.

Loosely inspired by the nearby coastal natural areas, including the RAMSAR site, nature is placed centre stage in all its diversity: flora, fauna, wetlands but also water and lagoons, along with the maritime history and pedagogy that can be associated with it, all contribute to the effect. Nature goes from wild to more urban and sequenced in the approach to the Medina.

The 26-ha programme includes the development of :
– A 10-ha fun aqua park
– An 5-ha amusement park
– A 3-ha RIPT residential plot
– Two parking areas on 3 ha
– Common areas of connections and walks over 5 ha.

The composition work begins with the selection of an allotment scheme that is coherent with the overall operation of the Station: car traffic, parking areas, pedestrian traffic, distances, junctions, crossings and intersections.
Then come the first images and the broad designs that reflect this vision.


Definition of a landscaping master plan for the new Saida Tourist Resort (NSTS) and development of construction drawings by component




INTERSCENE – Thierry Huau - Landscape architect - Urbanist


30 ha


Current study