Serre tropicale de Pessac – Pessac (33), 2011

In 1999, the town of Pessac acquired a collection of 2,000 exotic plants, currently exposed in a tropical greenhouse on the site of Bourgailh. The town is pondering the future of this greenhouse in the medium-term.

While its botanical capital has genuine value, this amenity is currently under-exploited, whether scientifically, educationally and financially or in terms of tourism.

Beyond the future of the tropical greenhouse, it is also the site of Bourgailh as a whole that is in question. Situated to the west of Bordeaux, this large inter-urban zone of 500 ha, which hosts intercommunal amenities, is undergoing a study initiated by the Urban Community of Bordeaux and the towns of Pessac and Mérignac.

A multi-purpose landscaped urban complex comprising activities, habitat and recreation, and incorporating an Ecosite on an area of 170 ha, has been programmed for this site.

This would encompass public spaces (the open access forest walk located in the south/southeast of the site), a business area specialized in nature and environment, and an urban park (zoo and botanical garden), intended as both recreational and educational, and structural amenities for the city.

This natural tourist hub calls for reflection on the complementarity of the leisure facilities to be presented to the public. Unlike parks intended exclusively for tourists, the Bourgailh site must offer a range of services also adapted to local people and fulfill a role as a local and general interest amenity.


Competition winner for a study on the use of the botanical heritage of Pessac’s tropical greenhouse


City of Pessac


INTERSCENE – Thierry Huau - Landscape Architect & Urbanist (mandataire)
F. Lenoble-Prédine - Ethnobotanist
PHYSALID - Greenhouse Engineering


1 000 m²

Study Budget

23 000 €


Current study