Stand “L’avenir pousse en Anjou” – Angers (49), 2010

The Conseil Général du Maine et Loire participated in the International Agricultural Show in Paris (SIA) from 27 February to 7 March 2010 in Paris. It wanted to have a 100 m² stand representing its department to promote the image of the Maine-et-Loire (agriculture, regional products, tourism, plants, etc.).

Various partners were involved in the creation and running of the stand: the Departmental Chamber of Agriculture, the Departmental Tourism Committee and Terra

Botanica, the theme park dedicated to plants that opened in spring 2010. The leading European park of its kind, an attraction that is both recreational and educational, Terra

Botanica invites young and old alike to embark on an extraordinary adventure. The SIA was a great opportunity to showcase this new park to the general public.

The purpose of the stand was therefore to boost the public image and awareness of the Maine-et-Loire through the unified strategy of the “L’avenir pousse en Anjou” initiative developed by the Conseil Général.

Our project : To make the stand an island, a vessel and an ambassador.

Anjou dispatched this piece of itself to the 2010 Agricultural Show, in order to demonstrate to the greater public the excellence and dynamism of this region and its importance on the French and European map. Like an island, the stand was inhabited and contained four “regions”: demonstration-tasting, Terra Botanica, promotion and tourist information, and a Reception. Like an island, it was festooned with plants to welcome visitors; better yet, it presented a range of plant species from the four corners of the planet. And most importantly, it combined landscape and scenography.


Design and creation of the stand “L’avenir pousse en Anjou” (The future is growing in Anjou) for the International Agricultural Show in Paris (“turnkey” delivery)


CG du Maine et Loire


INTERSCENE Landscape Architect (mandataire)
CREATIME - Scenographer
CROCODILE - Graphic designer
ABCD - Fitter
CRYSTAL GROUP - Fountain engineer and special effects


25 m²

Global Budget

22 340 € HT