Taghazout resort – Taghazout, 2011-2015

The Société d’Aménagement et de Promotion de la Station de Taghazout has launched the planning and development project for an integrated tourist resort located in the rural municipality of Taghazout – Prefecture of Agadir-Ida-Outanan – under the name of “New Integrated Tourist Resort of Taghazout” (NITRT) on a 615-hectare site. The NITRT programme includes hotel units, residential units, entertainment and recreation facilities, public facilities, two golf courses, green spaces and an argan reserve.

In the context of this major project, Interscène will create the master plan that will define the overall landscaping template of the resort.

It must incorporate a landscape study and a list of landscape requirements to be applied to each plot to be entrusted to prospective developers (hotel and residential plots, village eco-resort, etc.). It will also set down specifications for the use of mineral elements, plants, water, street furniture, lighting, lighting and signage.

The orientation of the master plan draws inspiration from the magic scents and colours of Taghazout. However, exoticism will be limited because this is primarily an authentic and wild destination, as the prickly pears and coarse, hardy species growing there remind us, although without eliminating the poetry of the walled gardens and plant architectures. A place where “surfer tribes” will enjoy spending time in waterside cafés at sunset and in the little squares and interior streets after dark, and where, during the day, families will stroll in the shade of vine-covered “driftwood” pergolas, between traditional craft shops and contemporary art boutiques. The spirit of the place must dominate without extravagance and without falling into a sophisticated use of materials, thus emphasising the atmosphere of passageways leading to an interior garden or out onto the terraces.

Originality of an indigenous plant palette that identifies the station. Almond trees are introduced as a primary ornamental species, to complement the argania.

Atypical circulation design emphasising the visitor experience through the use of winding, sequenced paths, along with the integration of parking areas with right of access to the beach

Non-motorised circulation network, separated from roads and organised as a large walk exploring the natural environment

Proposal for a public coastal walk, along wooden decking and punctuated by dynamic relays such as kiosks, information points, beach cafés, etc.

Integration of the tees, fairways and greens of the golf course into the existing landscape through careful stratification and arrangement of plant varieties in relation to their aspect (soft/prickly) to ensure the local landscape is respected

A choice of functional and original leisure furniture produced by local craftsmen, such as argan benches or surf panels…

By night, the chromatic illumination of vegetation by species and the lighting of the pedestrian paths. The dramatic affect is also heightened through the illumination of the wider landscape (hills) and outstanding plant specimens.

The Landscape Charter defines the landscaping requirements that private plots will have to conform to. This harmonisation in the treatment of each lot will ensure a homogeneous image is preserved for the resort and also reinforces the idea of integration.


Project management for the development of the Taghazout tourist resort (SAPST Taghazout)



Delegated client



INTERSCENE – Thierry Huau - Landscape architect & Urbanist
WATG - KILO - Architectes cotraitants


600 ha

Global Budget

85 millions MAD