Whether intervening in urban, peri-urban, natural or agricultural environments, INTERSCÈNE’s dual expertise in Urban planning and Landscape architecture enriches its approach to territories with a cross-disciplinary vision encompassing all the complexities of a site. The strengths and constraints of a territory are analysed and then offset against each other so as to better reveal its uniqueness and potential for renewal.

The contemporary city is increasingly complex and often suffers from its fragmented spaces, its diluted fringes and abandoned land… so many possibilities to reintroduce landscaping that creates links and harmonizes mismatching scales by placing the landscape dimension at the heart of urban projects and reinventing new landscapes in the city.

The development of environmental and urban master plans for large territories most fully expresses our dual experience in urban planning and landscape design.
The green plan for Madagascar, for an area of 8500 ha, or the master plan for Da Lat (Vietnam) for 2030 and 2050, covering a territory of 393 km², are based on mastering the balance between growing urban pressure and the necessary protection of endangered natural and agricultural areas, between ensuring access to contemporary urban amenities and the preservation of local cultures and know-how.