Brand Village – ZAC Normandie Parc – Douains (27), 2012

Located off the A13 motorway, the “McArthurGlen, Designer Outlet, Vernon” brand village wishes to become a showcase for Normandy. Boasting high quality architectural and landscaping design, the project’s ambition is to contribute to the business dynamic of the territory by giving it a new, attractive commercial facility capable of capturing the existing traffic flow on the A13. It is based on the provisions of the “ZAC Normandie Parc” development study conducted in 1997 (see corresponding reference sheet).

The recreated landscape is both very green and rich in flowers, offering visitors a broad range of environments inspired by Norman bocage. A large meadow featuring various grasses contains a slight dip to naturally form a catchment basin from which runoff is then drained to buffer ponds. The pollution-filtering riparian areas and reed beds carpeting the swales provide water purification.

At the entrance of the car park, hedgerows and mixed hedges pruned in topiary style recall Norman gardens. While acting as windbreakers, the hedges also form a green framework in all seasons.

Finally, orchards composed of fruit trees, including ornamental apple and pear trees, are placed between the A 13 motorway and the “brand village”.

This careful approach to the planting responds to the environmental objectives set by the client, both to ensure that the project blends into its environment and to make it enjoyable for visitors.


Landscape design of a new brand village: “MacArthurGlen, Designer Outlet, Vernon” (7 medium-sized retailers and 120 specialty personal goods shops complemented by a range of restaurant outlets) within the ZAC Normandie Parc mixed-use zone




INTERSCENE - Landscape Architect & Urbanist
AACD - Architecture


20 ha


Realized Study