Surf Village – Taghazout, 2013

The landscape ground plan is organised along several lines :

The layout of the cottages on the grid is modelled on the layout of the existing vegetation.

The eucalyptus trees (present in large numbers on the site) will be preserved to benefit from the shade they provide.

The village is facing the sea. Sunshine is optimal as a result. The bungalows are oriented north/west towards the Taghazout surf spot, or south/west towards Tamghar beach. Their siting respects the existing vegetation in which they have been inserted and their orientation will be adjusted precisely to optimise the views from each unit.

The village grid is quite loose. This allows for better circulation and better handling of equipment. In addition, the organisation maintains long, homogeneous natural spaces between bungalow “clusters”.

Amenities and collective facilities are located so as to provide views towards the waves, facing Taghazout. Placed on the perimeter of the village because higher and more massive (ground floor+1), they leave views in the village open.


Taghazout resort



Delegated client



INTERSCENE – Thierry Huau - Landscape architect & Urbanist


5,60 ha


Pre-project planning phase