Landscaping component of ZPPAUP – Cabourg, 2000-2011

The landscape study of Cabourg, conducted as part of the elaboration of the ZPPAUP, seeks to preserve and enhance the city park’s organisational system:

– A radiating network of paths planted with trees.
– A mineral-theme walk on the waterfront
– A set of wooded and landscaped plots around mansions.

It also seeks to reinforce the outer fringe of transition between the town and the pre-existing landscape: the wild shores of the Dives river, the old fishing village, the park of the town hall.

This study includes the regulatory and graphic transcription and the principles adopted. It was supplemented by a mission assigned to INTERSCÈNE by the regional office of cultural affairs (DRAC) concerning the classification of certain trees.


Landscape study in the framework of the development of the town’s Protection Zone for Architectural, Landscape and Urban Heritage (ZPPAUP)


Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication.
Commune de Cabourg


INTERSCENE – Thierry Huau - Landscape architect & urbanist
Jean-Charles de Seze - architect


6 000 m²

Landscape Budget

10 000 €